There was an encouraging turnout of 12 fencers for the Easter Bunny Epee Competition. Once again, we decided to hold a Poule Unique format in order to give everyone a full evening’s fencing of 11 fights each. Our thanks to Tom Bennett who kept thing moving at a lively pace in order to achieve the target of 66 fencing bouts in a limited time!
Final Order.
1st     Julie Henson                      11 wins
2nd    Alex Odams                       10 wins
3rd     Ted Hudson                         9 wins
4th     Mick Meyer                         8 wins
5th     Bernard Harbourn             7 wins
 6th    Mal Mather                        6 wins
7th     Matt Woodburn                4 wins
8th     Rob Froud                           3 wins
9th     Tia Paige Davie                  3 wins
10      John Hemmant                  2 wins
11th   Dominique Rudd              2 wins
12th   Jacqui Clibbord                 0 wins
NFC 2018 Easter Bunny Competition