35 epeeists took part in the Epee section of the UEA Master of Arms competition held at the University Sportspark centre. Many congratulations to Julie Henson of the NFC who was placed first in a difficult final poule of six fencers. (Final positions of NFC and UEA fencers are shown, as the UEA fencers are very much a part of the Norfolk Fencing Club gathering on a Wednesday evening). 

1st     Julie Henson, NFC. 2nd = Martin Walters, UEA. 3rd = Theo Edwards, UEA . 7th = Dariusz Bobusia, NFC. 8th = Robert Froud, NFC. 12th = Luke Hewerdine, UEA. 14th = Nathan Gull, UEA. 19th = Ted Hudson, NFC. 20th = Michael Naulls, UEA. 21st = Emma Tearse, UEA. 25th = Vojtech Hradecny, UEA. 35th = Dominique Rudd, NFC. 

Robert Froud, as a relative newcomer to fencing, is to be congratulated on his very creditable 8th place. 

UEA Master of Arms