The competition took the form of a Poule unique where the winner of each fight was the first to score 3 hits.
At the end of the Poule Unique the situation was as follows:-

1st           Julie Henson.    10 wins
2nd.        Martin Walters. 9 wins
3rd.         Nick Burton.      8 wins
4th.         Adam Hickford. 6 wins
5th.         Katie Arnold.      6 wins
6th.         Ted Hudson.       4 wins
7th.         Robert Froud.      3 wins
8th.         John Pearce.       3 wins
9th.          David Gibbs        3 wins
10th.     Sophia Pickering. 2 wins
11th.        Robin Hyslop.      2 wins 

The Direct Elimination stage was held on the following Wednesday:-

Martin Walters and Julie Henson  reached the final, which was uncontested due to time running out.

=3rd.         Ted Hudson
                 Katie Arnold

5th.            Adam Hickford           
6th.            Sophia Pickering

7th.            Robert Froud
8th.             John Pearce

9th.             David Gibbs           
10th.             Robin Hyslop

( Nick Burton was absent for the Direct Elimination round).

Epee Ladder – December 2019