The competition took the form of a Poule unique which was held over two consecutive club nights. There was a strong entry of some very accomplished and experienced epeeists, which resulted in a high standard of competitive fencing. (Where two or more fencers tied with wins, their final position was decided by indicators).

1st.         Tom Bennett.         11 wins

2nd.        Theo Edwards.      10 wins

3rd.          Kris Sales.              10 wins

4th.          Rob Page.                8 wins

5th.          Nick Burton.            8 wins

6th.           Frank He.                 7 wins

7th.           Martin Walters.        6 wins

8th.           Ted Hudson.              6 wins

9th.            Robert Froud.            3 wins

10th.          Jon Pearce.                 3 wins

11th.           Mick Meyer.                 3 wins

12th.          Bernard Harbourn.     2 wins

13th.         Dominique Rudd.          0 wins

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